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Michael & Gavin,

Just a note to say thanks so much for everything you guys did. The water is great and you guys made my life so much easier and better. I am so thankful for Shasta Drilling. You guys are the best so thanks again and be talking to you soon.

Thanks so much


Shasta Drilling Helps Oak Run Couple

Donation Could Help a Dying Oak Run Man Go Home

“A generous gift from a Redding company may mean a dying man spend his last days at home. Marsha Saites wants nothing more than to bring her dying husband, George, home so they can spend his final days together.

“I think the least he deserves is to die in the home he put all his strength and energy in.” says Saites with tears streaming down her face.

She explained the house the couple built together has been without water for the last month. She says it’s been hard but she has learned to make due without running water but she can’t possibly take care of her sick husband without it.

Saites says the well that has been on the property for the last ten years stopped working.She paid a drilling company 2,000 dollars to fix it. They tried to drill but the well collapsed.

After that she called Shasta drilling. The owner of the company, Michael Colbert, was on the property to due an estimate over the weekend.

On Monday morning Saites got the surprise of her life and potentially an answer to her prayers. Colbert was so touched by her story that he offered to drill her a new well, free of charge. Colbert estimates the work would have cost her $6,000 to $9,000.

“What I am donating is small compared to what they will get from it,” says Colbert.

Saites says she was speechless when he told her. She called him out for an estimate, she never asked or expected him to do the work for free.

She says she didn’t have the money for the well but was hoping to borrow from someone, but even then, she was worried she would lose the house her husband George loved so much.

Colbert says drilling for water isn’t an exact science. It can be hard to find water especially in the foothills but he is dedicated to doing everything he can to get the water running and the family back together.

79-year-old George Saites is at Canyon Wood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Redding.
He has Parkinson’s and Lewy Body Dementia, a progressive disease with symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s.”

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Jeff, Barb, Lowry, & Sue

Lowry, Sue, Barb, & I Mike —

Lowry, Sue, Barb and I would like to say thanks for a job well done! We really appreciated the time you took to explain the drilling process to us. More importantly … we are extremely happy with the outcome!!

Thanks for your professionalism and again THANKS FOR A JOB WELL DONE!

Jeff & Barb, Lowry & Sue

Les, Sam, and others

letters Mike,

It’s not often one encounters someone who cares about their work and the job they do for others, like you do. The way you care about your customers is very refreshing in this day and age, where everyone is out for themselves.

I want you to know that we appreciate the way you were straightforward and to the point, so that we understood your job and where we stood.

Thank you again for the fine job you did.

Thank you,
Les & Sam

A note to say thanks for being so thoughtful.

Thank you and your company for a wonderful water well.

Paul & Helen


I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my well, and for trusting me enough to pay you after the work was done. I really appreciate your patience. I’m sure you appreciate all that your wife does while you’re working as well, so both of you enjoy dinner on me. I hope you have a wonderful evening.

Thank you again Mike,
Deidre Lee 🙂


It was a pleasure doing business with you! Hope you had a great fishing trip with your son. Thanks again!

John & Terri

Hi, Michael –

Just a short note to tell you what a pleasure it was doing business with you and Shasta Drilling.

Your professional skill and careful explanations during the process of drilling my well made me comfortable with a project which I knew nothing about and was a little uneasy to get into. It impressed me that, although you ran into a few difficulties and obstacles with the job, you just brushed them aside and found alternatives without getting discouraged. I was especially pleased with the follow-up calls you made to check up on how the development of the well was proceeding, showing that you aren’t just a “shoot the hole and forget it” operation.

If a future client asks for a recommendation, please feel free to have him call me anytime.
Many thanks,

Dear Mike & Maryana;

Thanks to your knowledge, experience & abilities, we now have a very productive well that passed our highest expectations!

We’re also thankful that you were able to work us in between your busy schedule & by having the equipment to do the job properly.

In appreciation & thanks once again for a wonderful job — well done!!

Donna, Carol & Norman