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Testimonials from our customers.

National Driller Magazine – “A Well Experience”

Porky’s Hole Thoughts: A Well Experience
by Howard “Porky” Cutter, MGWC
March 1, 2010

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“Ms. Mollie McManigal from Ridgecrest, Calif., called me, and asked me to recommend a good well driller in her area. Being from Virginia Beach, Va., I didn’t know a driller who I could recommend near her location. However, I did recommend that she look on the Internet for some drillers in her area, call them, and then ask some questions about wells. By their answers, she then could determine the best choice. She followed my instructions; Ms. McManigal was impressed with Shasta Drilling Inc. (, Redding, Calif., and its sales presentation over the telephone.

At my request, the following was written by Ms. McManigal, and sent to me to be published in National Driller. I think we should share stories about quality drillers. I hope that one day I will get to meet the McManigals, and visit Shasta Drilling Inc.

Her Story

Mike Colbert of Shasta Drilling Inc. is the all-in-one conqueror of the well drilling experience – the one who leads you to victory, not to a box of Kleenex.

I first spoke to Mike when my husband and I were looking for property to purchase around the Redding, Calif., area for retirement. We knew we eventually were going to need a well driller, and figured it was going to take time to find someone we could fully trust – someone who is capable of overcoming the obstacles that are frequently encountered in the well-drilling business. (I had a complete list from off the Internet, and I did telephone everyone I could get in touch with.)

Mike offered invaluable information as to where to purchase property. Some areas had little chance of water. Other areas had good water, but knowing how deep to drill was important because the water could be lost to empty volcanic caverns below. In some places, drilling too deep would ruin a well with salt water. His extensive familiarity with the area was freely shared with us.

Yes, he had the experience, but it was his business practices that sold us. He has a strict requirement that someone is present at the time of the drilling. If you don’t show, he goes home. It was easy to understand why he is never nervous with an audience.

Mike works together with his son, Gavin, and they run an impressive operation with exacting methods – no shortcuts or sloppiness allowed.

Not only do they keep you well informed of their every step with constant and open communication, but you get a real education at the same time: This is the drive shoe. This is the steel casing, and it needs to make a solid connection into the bedrock.

We watched as they pounded a full 60 feet down into the earth. Mike does a great job when he welds the pieces together, too. (My dad was a welder, and good beading on the joints was what he always stressed.) Each drill stem is 20-feet long, and they want you to keep track of how deep they drill.

They drilled, and at 180 feet down, we hit water. Mike had done the water witching himself, and he delivered. It was a great day.”

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Butch & Debra Chapman

Chapman Mike & Gavin,People come into your life for different reasons.  You two were a god send.  I am now convinced that angels can be a grumpy guy with a big heart & a sweet young man who stays calm when things get ugly.You are an amazing team and we are forever touched by your kindness and support.We have adopted you which means you are stuck with us forever.  Again Thank you.May the new year hold all you deserve.Love,

Butch & Debra Chapman






Karen Lawrence

Karen-Lawrence Dear Mike and MaryAnne,

I want you to know how very much I appreciate ALL you’ve done to help me with the water “project”!  I know how frustrating it was at times… Thanks for hanging in there until the final inspection.

Please go out to a movie and dinner… I know you need a break!

Again… please know how appreciative I am!  You’re special people and I’m glad our paths have crossed!


Karen Lawrence

Thank You for Reaching Out

Saites News Testimonial1 Forgive me but this card is long overdue.  This past summer, I saw a story on the local news about what you had done and made possible for an older gentleman. It brought tears and made me realized how important the simple things are and how much we (I) take them for granted.  Thank you for reaching out and being an angel.  Please accept this gas card towards expenses incurred!


God Bless and I know he will!

Lockwood Family

Lockwood Dear Colbert Family,Words cannot express how thankful we are for your kindness to us – we have been overwhelmed by your generosity.  What you did has been a blessing to so many as we have shared the story with friends and family.  For years, we have been highly recommending your business to everyone we know.  We hope these gift cards, in a small way, express how much we appreciate your generous gift; and we pray for God’s continued blessing upon your lives this Christmas and throughout the New Year.

Thinking of You,

Stephen, Amber, & Boys 🙂

Barbara Edwards

Barbara-Edwards Dear Staff of Shasta Drilling:

The story on the local news about how you are helping the farmer in Bella Vista warmed my heart & brought a tear to my eye. This helps remind us that there are truly wonderful people in this world who make a difference! Congratulations for your kindness in helping that farmer. You set an example that will ripple through our community!


Barbara Edwards

(See the news article about the farmer in Bella Vista.)

Dr. Mihalka and team

Dr-Mihalka Michael and Gavin,

We were watching the news and learned of your generosity drilling a well for a local organic farmer. We wanted you to know we think you’re both awesome. You reached out to a stranger and helped him keep his livelihood. God will bless you for this and encourage everyone to reach out and help each other. You’re both an inspiration.

-Dr. Mihalka and team

(See the news article about the farmer in Bella Vista.)

Duke Pettigrew



I truly appreciate the work you did for Suzie and I on our lot up by Lake McCumber. You and your son did excellent work and while the site had its challenges, you did not give up. You persevered and brought us in a good well. I was very impressed with your professionalism and how well you and your son worked together. I know I mentioned it when I saw you, but I want to reiterate that I was truly impressed with your son. Over the years I have worked with lots of young folks. From what I saw, Gavin is a very hard and competent worker and is right up there with the best of the best. I am sure this is the product of good parenting and a good upbringing. Please pass my admiration on to him.

I am very impressed with you, your son, and your company. Your work ethic is outstanding! You have my name and phone number. Please feel free to use me as a reference.


Duke Pettigrew